Our Process

The purpose of this "synopsis" is to provide you with the basics of standard practices in the remodeling industry, as well as our own preferences, to ensure a smooth flow of the work to be done. From all of us at Gulf South Builders LLC - where "ethics" is defined!

  • First step:
    Contact Us.
    We review your project, then schedule a site meeting.

    We will submit a preliminary proposal of the estimated cost for the work to be done as well as other helpful information to get the process started.  
    Once the proposed cost is agreed upon, we move on to the second step.  
  • Second Step:
    We obtain a non – refundable fee for the SCA. A Specification & Cost Analysis is a definitive comprehensive document stating the final costs, allowances, material selections, and all particulars of the project as agreed upon. We take exact measurements of the area(s) to be renovated - this may include the entire home.

    Depending upon the project and it’s particulars, the fee for an SCA can be $250 for a small guest bathroom, $500 or more for a major bathroom remodel, $750 or more for a complete kitchen remodel, to over $1,000 for a major project or one costing well into six figures. As the cost and square footage of a project increases, so does the time needed to create an accurate SCA, and accuracy is critical.

    The SCA eliminates nearly all surprises and ambiguity, ensures an agreed upon contract that is realistic and viable, and discusses everything - on paper.

    We may invite specialty subcontractors to view the site for their comments.

    Upon signing of the contract, we credit you for that fee toward the initial "commencement" payment.


  • Third Step:
    Next, we create the contract and its financial arrangements.
    The Contract is then submitted to the customer for final approval and a meeting is scheduled to sign all
    necessary documents.

  • Fourth Step:
    We firm up the final design, blueprints, material selections, color selections, and the remaining details
    and discuss any minor changes.
  • Fifth Step:
    Schedule your project in.

    Construction starts!

    Rough-in work & inspections (framing, electrical, plumbing, etc.)

    Finish work & inspections (trim, painting, hardware, etc.)
  • Final Step:
    Final walkthrough & completion.
    Photo shoot & celebrate!