Wall Removal Contractor Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Wall Removal Contractor Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast

You can't just start knocking down walls during a home renovation project. It's important to identify load-bearing walls first. But what if there's a load-bearing wall in the way of your grand remodeling idea? Don't worry - Gulf South Builders LLC has the solution. We're experts on load-bearing wall removal and can safely take down walls, adding the right supports in their place.

Why Remove a Load-Bearing Wall?

You might have a kitchen remodel plan that needs an exact square footage... but there's currently a wall in the way. Or maybe you don't need an extra room and want to incorporate it into a larger space? Whatever the case, sometimes a wall just has to go. If it does, only a knowledgeable wall removal contractor on the Mississippi Gulf Coast should handle the job.

Safe Wall Removal

You may or not know yet whether you can safely or even legally remove or relocate a wall. Our team will take the time to identify a load-bearing wall and understand its role within the greater architecture of your home. Once we do, we'll figure out the best course of action to remove it. This includes proper bracing and support supplementation, safe removal, and permanent support installation.

Architecturally-Sound Results

Gulf South Builders LLC delivers code compliant architectural re-engineering solutions, backed by our licensed and expert remodeling architects if needed. This means we're doing the legwork to identify a responsible solution to your load-bearing wall removal, instead of just charging in. We make sure the solution is compliant with local codes and ordinances, and that work surrounding it is properly permitted.

Take Down Walls with Confidence

If there's a load-bearing wall standing between you and your ideal home remodeling or improvement project, don't get deterred. Call the wall removal experts at Gulf South Builders LLC and let us handle the rest.

We can remove any wall-load-bearing or otherwise-and will make sure your home looks great, while remaining architecturally sound Contact Us today at (228) 806-8346 to discuss the scope of your wall removal project, addition, bathroom, kitchen or complete home remodel.